Game Over for WMDs

from lies about Iraq to lies about Trump

Do They Really Want War?

the conspiracy against Trump risks destroying the state

A Comment on Political Miscreants

neocons are scum, but they are necessary scum

Europe and its Temporary Borders

America is over-committed to Europe, whose borders change relentlessly.

Waffles, Marzipan, and Gingerbread

is all America gets for defending Europe’s borders

Teaming Up Against America

How Mexico, the UK, and Davos undermine our elections

A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed

Restraining the Global Elite requires a Putin/Trump duo

Being European, America and Russia

America and Russia are non-territorial European states

Ukraine, Hatred from Europe’s Heart

Europeans are not truculent troublemakers.

Ukraine, Idiots, Swindlers, Murderers

How America and Russia corrupted the Ukraine

A Russian-American Deal, the First Step

Washington policy needs to be run by the White House,

Is a Russian-American Deal Feasible?

At least a peace treaty is necessary