The author is an individual, not affiliated with any institution or nation state, either in the past or present.  He is a patriotic American, multi-lingual, and passionate about international relations and geopolitics. This site is dedicated to arguing the necessity of a durable Russo-American alliance.

President Trump was elected on a wave of unprecedented hostility to the Washington Establishment which had taken Americans for a ride with lies about WMDs and emptied out our Treasury to finance useless wars throughout the world.

Trump spent the election criticizing this Establishment and defending the possibility of reaching out to Russia in fighting terrorism. For inexplicable reasons this has resulted in the Establishment handing him a Blood Libel.

Since November Trump has been slandered as Putin’s puppet, a charge perpetuated and ratcheted-up with every passing day by Crooks and Liars whose fear and loathing of Russia is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people and even experts. The Libel is being used to wreak havoc in Trump’s cabinet, and  prevent him from exercising his lawful authority.

Trump’s genuine intentions towards Russia are far from clear.  Nor is it evident that Russia has an interest or is prepared to engage our country in sincere negotiations.

In as much as  the two sides remain open-minded about collaboration, this blog intends to explore the contours of the eventual deal this would presume.