Trump’s insistence on keeping an open-mind about Vladimir Putin, provokes sincere hatred and panic only among the neocon relics of the Stone Age who do to their outsized influence over the media manage to make their agenda, the nation’s agenda.

Sallie-Mae recipients, and Academic lumbricina don’t give a hoot about the Kremlin, and pay lip-service to trendy Russophobia as mere cognitive serfs of Comcast, Universal, Sony, and Murdoch Inc. Davos, with George Soros, Obama, Podesta, and Clinton as hacks, is putting a wrecking-ball to the DNC while the spineless Brooklyn creepster Bernardino Sanders covers his tracks by ranting on commie-cum-hipster snob Rachel-Douchebag-Maddow’s evening tea-time show.

The professed pacifism of what was once the “left” is ceding to foaming-at-the mouth warmongering against everything and anything that Trump is made to represent by neocons hellbent on annihilating him. Whatever remains of the  “left” is in disarray, and a terrorist cadre of causist extremists suffering from Amafufunyana, has taken their place.

There is no president in living memory subject to the vitriol, insults, and feral odium which has been directed at Trump, of which the Russian “dossier” is the apogee. Simple issues such as control over one’s frontiers, respect for a country’s laws, America’s sovereignty and the ability of our executive to exercise its functions, have been chewed to bits by hyperventilating frust-ranters in an emotional shredder of panic and outrage, while Mexico is persistently taking revenge for the Alamo by inciting riots and soon-to-come withdrawal of heroin from the US junky-market, and judges are threatened by Guatemalan hoodlums as a politicized judiciary grinds to a halt. A mighty empire is out on a limb and on its last-legs, begging the question, does Russia have anyone to negotiate with, in the White House?

As noted in the first opinion pieces on this blog, the objectives of the Neo-Davos-Cons is to pull the rug from under Trump’s feet, by leaving him holding the levers of power with all the gears stripped and a leaky, creaky, and inoperative state apparatus with busted-knee caps in its place. The prediction is playing out to the T. One should never underestimate the willingness of uber-beaurocrats to destroy the state on which their livelihood depends when its head threatens their class interests.

The contradictory tendency of Trump’s appointees is partly attributable to relentless pressure from murderous street-agitators and ghoulish elites setting their media-whores on the new administration like one sets pit-bulls on helpless bovine. Trump voters may love the old bruiser, but being middle class they don’t like to get their hands dirty. Trump is left to fend for himself, running the risk of a weakened, and fragmented state.

The psychopaths working night and day to destroy his Presidency are happy that they are already robbing America of internal and external direction. The Triumph of Davos takes precedence over any kind of “thinking” expected of grown men and women whose PhDs and legal credentials are supposed to signal rationality and responsibility. They are not throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath-water, they are strangling it under the deluded impression that this way both the water and the baby can safely remain in the bathtub.

For the neocons the haste to bury Trump reflects an appreciation of the need to strike hard and fast in order to reduce his room for maneuver in foreign affairs to something the size of a match-box. They want him holed-in with no options when it comes to modulating or altering the Empire’s relationships across the chessboard of alliances and adversaries of international relations.

Davosman is a little more naive and more intuitive where his interests are concerned. Lacking the neocons’ predatory instinct, his calculus reflects the way the hand is dealt in each round of Texas Hold’Em. He loves trends, and plays them like a Roulette wheel. Presently he’s all in for the neocons, betting on their lock-jaws and knack for delivering a coup de grâce, but if Trump manages to weather the fury of round-one, he’ll see Davosmen defecting his way during the pause. By round three Mammon will settle down and play by the rules that the White House manages to convince the international community to play by.

Davos will submit. Rain or shine, fat cats will remain rich and fat, adapting to new circumstances, like nimble little fish navigating crevices in decorative pools. It is the neocons, and not Davos, whose visceral animosity is the driving force of the execrations coming Trump’s way.  It is the neocons who are having their ideological and political supremacy challenged, while Davos frets over connections, interest rates, and volatility. It is the Cadre of Crooks whose very existence  erodes the rule of law, and whose habits of legislating to king and nation through deceit, lies, and manipulation, are facing bleak prospects as Trump carries on the slug-fest. With all the financial, physical, and information assets under its control, Davos plays second fiddle to a neocon conductor standing tall over the orchestra being directed to massacre, by false note and tune, Trump into oblivion.

The neocon gimmick of putting presidents before les faits accomplis will mean current event upon current event of provocation, calamity, and failure internationally laid at the feet of the White House domestically.  It is only when their resources are exhausted, and the strings with their puppets severed (McCain, etc), that the neocons will be laid to rest. Davos will find its footing and emerge standing, but Trump will have to knock the neocons out cold, if he’s to figure among the new settlement which business and labor iron out once the global economy collapses.

No rapprochement between Russia and America is possible until Trump restores the rule of law across America, obstructed by the Deep State since 1992.  Facing the neocons cannot be delayed any longer. Naming names and revisiting 9/11 and WMDs in Iraq may be necessary, and Jeff Sesssions is well placed to begin the purge.

If called upon, Russia could help deliver the decisive blow against America’s Deep State, but no American president could stomach or condone it. Russia would have to answer in kind, with a purge of its own Deep State, which presumes that a division of roles if not spheres of influence would have to precede moves made by either state. Total confidence in America’s genius for reinvention would be required, along with an understanding of the depth to which America and Russia are historically bound as two European peoples in non-European territories. An understanding without precedent and grounds in the history of either of the former super-powers.

Ironically, it is the Deep States of both America and Russia which are best placed to bring about the understanding, and therein lies the tremendous opportunity afforded by a Trump presidency. A Deep State is an inevitable internality of any administrative system, and it is not in its elimination, but in its proper management that the fortunes and destinies of empires are made. A Deep State can only be bound informally, but informality does not equal disorder or chaos. Habits and practices can be put in place, which create incentives to play within informal, but predictable and decent rules.

The first step towards a Russian-American deal is for both Putin and Trump to assure themselves of having functional control over the Deep State, so that regardless of the neocon tendency towards treachery, it is they as representatives of the electorate who control the Deep State, and not vice versa. This is the first and most crucial aspect to Trump’s current reckoning with the neocons as his most formidable enemies.   They must return to being servants, and not behind-the-scenes kuromaku, as they are neither selected by democratic means nor subject to popular oversight. It is in their own self-interest not to trespass against executive privilege, because in the long-term a failure to respect the mandate of an elected representative will produce administrative tension in either the form of internal state collapse, or complete eradication by an adversary in war.

Trump’s sequencing of his executive orders is debatable, but the actions of the neocons are not. Rash, reckless, and drunk on twenty years of unfettered power  their networks have declared war on the man whose prerogatives are not compatible with theirs. The country cannot have two rulers at once. As long as they are capable of dismembering the American state from within and without, the neocons undermine Trump’s  authority.

Plagued by the nightmare that the American Deep State has become, Trump will someday quip that “I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams;” bad dreams in which open-mindedness  is called “intolerance” and bravery in the face of savage onslaught is passed off as cowardice.

Libtards burning, looting, assaulting, and killing in the name of Peace and Love vacuously decrying the excesses of an Imperial presidency issuing dictates not worth the paper they are written on, is as bad a dream as they get. One Oroville dam collapsing per month, because Hippies spent every last penny fighting monster’s abroad; since when did War become so hip?

A Russian deal depends on Trump’s negotiations with “The” Americans just as much as any conversation with Putin or Medvedev will determine the fate of America’s Deep State. The order of discussions requires that Trump boast a clear vision of a Russian-American settlement, with an eventual slice to pay off the neocons themselves. Davos as a beehive of rootless bourgeois with no attachment to country or ethics will abruptly come to an end. Its present deal with the neocons is that the Deep State stays off its back in return for Davos providing it with control over media messaging and agenda setting. A Russian-American alliance will supersede such a deal, and simplify matters by making business elites accountable to governments and subject to the scrutiny of democratic transparency.

Sequencing may be everything, but without vision, all the best sequencing in the world will amount to nothing.













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