While the European-types still blame Ukraine’s troubles on  “The“, the immediate cause of the bloody conflict in the country which is also a region, is the corruption for which Moscow and Washington are directly responsible with Brussels playing the money spigot for the latter.

Following the fall of Communism, governments of the former Soviet Union suffered an irreversible decline in their administrative capacities and in the relevance of government institutions to the average inhabitant with no Russian or purely-Estonian sponsored Amnesty Internationals or anti-corruption NGO emerging to “Save them”.

George Soros was the only one who altruistically bankrolled altruistic watchdogs in the area, with all the sincerity and neutrality that he and the lapdog media attribute to his altruism. A post-Cold War mentality skeptical about,  of all things, altruism,  immunized post-Soviet citizens from Soros’ generosity, leaving college students and Senators in America to continue the debate about the advantages of altruism to the human race.

When Yeltsin usurped the Kremlin throne in 1992, national borders emerged where once the workers sang in unison and danced in unity. Capitalism appeared with a knock-knock joke, politics was replaced by commerce,  and money became the lingua franca where Marxism-Leninism used to do the trick.

Businessmen were the new diplomats and intermediaries, and the Cult of Mammon replaced the Temple of the Proletariat organizing the life of all former 15 socialist republics. Davos was Temple HQ, the go-to center for political direction, decisions, and the appointing of presidents fronting for the cliques of goons pilfering what generations of Soviet workers had built in  authoritarian and insufferable conditions.

The elite Swiss resort served as a reference for a new model relationship in which criminal wealth got even wealthier off the backs of impoverished masses hostage to criminally incompetent governments. The idea of constraints, checks-and-balances, or transparency and rule of law, were all told to take a seat far in the back of the bus.

In 1994, crook-in-chief Billy Clinton opened the New York dollar tap and the vultures of Wall Street and Greenwich (CT) promptly descended upon the rotting corpse of the former USSR (some of the scavangers were even the descendants of gonifs who had initially set up the USSR). Money poured in from the West and doubled in size on its way through Aruba, Cyprus, Nauru, and Guernsey, with respect for hard-earned wealth becoming universal and a love for “Capitalism” infecting the hearts of smiling Russians, Uzbeks, and Buryats.

In 2000, his stint as pilferer-in-chief over, Clinton promptly joined Davos  and gave it the star-power it sough. Capitalism unshackled by markets or market competition was the gist of his “New Economy” mantra. The rule of the rich for the sake of the rich respecting one rule – that of being rich. Governance, fair play, market institutions, consigned to textbooks. Davosman was born, but then a spoil-sport came along.

Putin pulled the plug on the amps.

Having inherited the USSR’s military assets, Russia was the most consequential post-Soviet state, and its elites, no matter how prone to deviousness and decadence, couldn’t wish the security establishment away. Themselves corrupt and involved in illicit trade and illegal machinations, former KGB, intelligence, and special forces agents were essential to settling money disputes, racketeering, and played a considerable role in the distribution of wealth across all of the FSU.

In the early 90s, incessant wars between oligarchs turned Russia into a carnival of murder and assassination. While workers weren’t being paid their salaries men wearing Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses surrounded by private militias drove them over with Hummers and the police looked the other way. In 1996 a few unguent mobsters, smoking Cohibas in none-other than Davos, bankrolled the fraud of Boris Yeltsin’s “re-election,” after the inebriated bum lost the popular vote to the Communist Genadyi Zyuganov.

By the end of the 90s, the smarter oligarchs realized that as things stood, Russia would either revert to communism or become a fascist country outright. One of them in particular, enjoying immense influence over The Drunk, decided to appoint a talented bureaucrat from St. Pete (and former-KGB agent to boot) to the post of Prime Minister.  This oligarch then pulled a few of his Chechen mafia strings to initiate a spate of terrorist acts across the country,  giving the new PM – Vladimir Putin – the chance to burnish his image as tough-guy and crime-fighter before balloting for president in the  2000 election.  It is inconceivable that Boris Berezovsky didn’t anticipate, that once in power, Putin wouldn’t countenance him, no matter how indebted,  by his side for even one press briefing. A few months into Putin’s first presidential term, Berezovsky was summarily sent packing to London with his business assets  sold-off to loyal oligarchs, like Roman Abramovich.

With a new Boss in charge, Davosman took a  hike, and the rules of Mammon were conditioned by a dictate that any wealth accumulated in Russia would remain politically neutral or face the wrath of administrative destitution.  Russia was not about to see its sovereignty diluted and the future of its people decided by pimps smoking cigars in Swiss chalets. Washington may have extended its authority over the puppet-states of Eastern Europe but Russia would give no quarter to New York and London’s financial encroachment on its own territory.

Ukraine was less fortunate. The Kiev government was The Mafia, and Ukraine was  never subject to a Putin-like house-cleaning. In election after election the people could choose between a swindler who pinched toothpicks for a living, or one who filched people’s dental fillings. Soros and the State Department only cared about the interests of  Davos, meaning that Putin’s boys were their targets, not the mob per se. Washington had no qualms with Eastern European organized crime provided it wasn’t party to the Kremlin’s “Patriotic Oligarchs” deal.

Doing business in any post-Soviet land involved getting in bed with either an unregulated mob, or one which paid its dues to the Kremlin.  Post-Soviet industry in Belarussia and Russia was dependent on Ukraine for a third or more of its inputs, as well as relying on the country to consume their exports.   Putin and Lukashenko had neither the means, nor the know-how to reduce corruption in the country.   Economic and cultural ties implied that any move on the part of Moscow or Minsk would transcend borders and by definition constitute intervention. Not that they squirmed at the thought, but it was easier to let the Ukraine stew in its own juices than fight its corruption.  Russia still has trouble applying the laws within its own borders, and at no point was it in a position to influence the rules of the game in the Ukraine.

The neocons in Washington loathed the criminal and industrial ties which bound former Soviet countries, and they yearned to capture the Ukraine for both their career aspirations and for a vision of the its future which was at odds with its post-Soviet present. They entered the shark-infested waters of Kiev, bringing along Ukrainian immigrant organizations from America, Canada, and Australia who bore historical grievances against the Bolsheviks going back to the 1920s. Competition for influence in Kiev quickly heated up between Moscow and Washington, and the Ukrainian mob was flush with cash from New York (Brussels) and Moscow with chunks of it ending up in San Francisco, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, and Dubai.

While the West paid lip-service to good-governance, truly significant NGOs were  scams and fronts for neocon influence.  The ordinary people of the Ukraine became the biggest losers of the hollowing out of their country, while a handful of frightening Corleone figures decided if and when they were going to get paid for whatever work could be offered to them. Work which included indentured servitude, human sex trafficking, organ theft, and smuggling by the time Odessa overtook Gioia Tauro as a port of call for the global drug trade.

Not being ones to easily give up, Ukrainians attempted revolution after revolution but to no avail. Each election saw a flood of observers, advisors, and political tricksters bankrolled by Washington and Moscow, invading the corridors of the Mariyinsky Palace. Protest always turned into hooliganism, and the status quo remained the status quo.

In 2014 events took a different turn. Russia’s support for Syria’s Assad was a spanner in the neocons’ wars in the Middle East, and having ceded to Moscow on missile defense, and on the Georgian-based anti-Russian television chain First Caucausus, Russia was emboldened by Obama’s reset button to announce its project for regional integration, known as the Eurasian Union. In anticipation of an upcoming presidential election, a wave of protests shook Kiev, with snipers which were initially claimed to be Russian special forces in the employ of the sitting president, opening fire into the crowds. In the ensuing chaos enraged Ukrainians forced their president to abdicate, and drunk on their folly christened what was a straightforward coup d’etat à la Cote D’Ivoire, a triumph of democracy and a resounding defeat of the old regime.

The reins of power fell into the hands of a bevy of Washington backed organizations. Having discredited the police as pro-Yanukovich,  these relied on the muscle of neo-Nazi groups to maintain order in the streets. Presidential elections went ahead as scheduled, boycotted in the Eastern provinces, with the entire peninsula of the Crimea,  opting for an independence referendum instead.

CNN wishfully represented the vote as the result of Putin’s military pressure on Crimea, ignoring that the sentiment of Crimeans’ had been regularly measured as unanimously in favor of ceding from the Ukraine since 1992 in the form of several plebiscites. Putin must have facilitated the referendum taking place, but he didn’t have to stuff ballots as Yeltsin did in 1996, in order to obtain a favorable outcome. Nor did he have to dispatch as much as a single soldier to a peninsula which hosted Russia’s Black Sea Fleet while Ukranian army officers refused to follow the orders of the temporary government in Kiev.

The subsequent election of Petro Poroshenko as Ukranian president, was recognized as legitimate by both Washington and Moscow, but the instauration of fascist militias as enforcers of the law in the eastern provinces, was violently resisted by locals. Poroshenko may have won the election because of  Ukraine’s western provinces, but the police and military were reluctant to enforce order where it was being challenged in the east.

Appointing a powerful oligarch to maintain control over one of the world’s most productive industrial zones of Dnepropetrovsk, sparked revolts in adjacent Donetsk and Lugansk. The sorry spectacle of a rich mafioso, financing detachments of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis to harass and abuse recalcitrant citizens, was met with voluntary mobilization which wasted no time in its appeals to relatives across the border in Russia to furnish arms and manpower.

Putin did nothing to prevent such mobilization, nor did he interfere with the transfer of arms and officers across the border. No formal Russian participation on his part was necessary. He didn’t have to encourage anyone or give any orders other than ones of restraint to Russian border guards. Unrestricted access to Russian arms otherwise sold on the international markets, and an army of volunteers with personal ties to the Ukraine, would suffice for an insurrection against the coup.

Due to solid historical ties, Putin could stand back and let the fervor of the eastern Provinces loose against Kiev, without lifting a finger.   The majority of those taking up arms against what they saw as an illegitimate government, remained Ukrainians, with the border between Russia and eastern Ukraine never actually having been very closely monitored to begin with.

Putin could have discouraged a Crimean referendum with an official statement that its results would not be recognized by Moscow. He could have refrained from fanning the flames of resistance to the coup by toning down the heated reporting of Russian television, which smeared Maidan as a neocon plot affected uniquely by Neo-Nazis. Putin could have chosen to play up the aspirations of ordinary Ukrainians for less corruption and better governance, and reached out to neocons and Neo-Nazis to turn these aspirations into reality. Would they have been ready for it? Would Neo-Cons and Neo-Nazis join Putin to help the utopians of Maidan purge Ukraine of its mobsters, grifters, and compradors?

The question answers itself.

The president of Russia would have had to sacrifice his presidency and the devotion of Russians in the Crimea, eastern Ukraine and Russia, for the interests of a handful of bureaucrats in Washington and the offspring of those who murdered Jews in the Holocaust once again busy burning people alive in a Union House in Odessa.

By such logic, it would have been easier for Washington to simply refrain from affecting coups in Russia’s backyard  and putting FSU countries before impossible choices. If neocons and Neo-Nazis had been capable of working with Kremlin mafiozos and neo-bolsheviks, there would have been no grounds for a conflict to begin with. The Ukrainian police and military would not have though twice about enforcing national unity against the Pravy Sektor and Donetsk separatists simultaneously. Were Europeans, Americans, and Russians, so intelligent as to stop hating, corrupting, inciting, and murdering one another, law and order would have never been disrupted to begin with. Europe’s particular stupidity in bleeding over endlessly shifting borders, is the primary source of the Ukraine’s trouble, but sixty years of a lethal East/West rivalry have been exceedingly counterproductive.

That Obama’s State Department henchmen couldn’t help but take advantage of an easy opportunity in Kiev, isn’t worth commenting. Neither is the Kremlin’s owns reaction to their successful coup d’etat.  It is the amorality of Ukraine and Europe which merits closer attention. That Europeans are willing to demand Americans die for Crimea or the eastern Ukraine, is shameful. That Europeans indoctrinate their children to murder one another on Fascist or Anti-Fascist pretexts, knowing that Russians will have to put their lives at stake to stop the fighting, equally so.

As with all things neocon, the story of the Kiev snipers turned out to be a lie. There were government snipers, and snipers which had appeared out of nowhere, linked to Maidan and even foreign participants. Kiev refused to fully investigate, and till this day, the sniper scenario has more in common with NATO’s methods of provoking riots in Libya and Syria, than with post-Cold War techniques of the Russian mob.

By the time a plane from Malaysia was downed flying over separatists, Putin was automatically, without a second of hesitation or a modicum of proof, blamed for the death of the innocent civilians on board.

The case has been built that rebels operating a BUK surface-to-air system pulled the trigger, but the manufacturer of the rockets disputes the claim. Rumors abound about oligarchs being responsible, or of the Ukrainians covering up a failed attempt to take down Putin’s plane.

Washington’s own accusations against Putin were based on satellite data it has since failed to confirm or share with the public, while Ukraine refuses to disclose important flight control information bearing on the case. The blame, as with all things Ukrainian, might lie with all the participants, and more likely than not, MH17 was downed by separatists as a result of a successful trap set up by neocons via Poroshenko’s subordinates. The truth will make no-one the wiser, and antagonists will milk the blame-game through red-herrings and guilt-by-association till they turn blue.

The rivalry between Washington and Moscow is easy to grasp. American Neocons allied with mafia from the FSU,  and  Russian neocons jumped on every opportunity to counter their influence. Para-diplomacy replaced sound statesmanship. Even in the best of times super-power rivalry seldom takes into account the well-being, or the consequences for those who are mere pawns in the game.

Poland, the Baltics, and the EU, systematically turn a blind eye to their own aggressive behavior and statements, and pose as peacemakers while pouring oil on the fire. From the perspective of a Cold War legacy belabored above and in previous articles, a certain schizophrenia in the European mind was created by Russian and American Cold War perception management.

The super-powers needed Europeans to become permanent teenagers, not men who make decisions, deliver on their promises, and assume the consequences. The result is that  Europe’s behavior is adolescent. In any international dispute it first blames Hitler, and then Stalin, but cadavers can only carry so much guilt, and the European finger of blame inevitably points to America or Russia, or both.

Europe and Europeans never have a problem with themselves. Their own conduct. Their superficiality and lack of ideas. Their own anger, frustration, and impotence. Their own rhetoric, promises, and ambitions. Europe’s ultimate cop-out is its “Repentant for the Crimes of Humanity” stage where it basically gets down on its knees and begs all those it doesn’t know how to deal with, to just “please” leave it alone.

Nowhere is this pathology more apparent than in the case of Poland, where due to its mighty army Polish officials have expressed antipathy towards America using the language of hoodlums. A country which did not exist until 1918,  now refers to its relationship with America in terms of oral sex (done so by none other than a twerp married to a Washington neocon), and has demoted America to the status of an enemy on behalf of the entire EU while clamoring for a  European Nuclear Arsenal, presumably to be put at its private disposal.

A Poland  whose incompetence is responsible for the death of its own president and nearly his entire cabinet, is allowed to run off at the mouth, on the one hand threatening war with Russia, on the other steering the foreign policy of an impotent, toothless, and incompetent European Union against those who assure its very existence. Not a word is said in censure by the  enlightened humanists in Brussels, who actually encourage Warsaw in its folly by a Cold War show of NATO force, rusty cannons and creaking tanks galore.

Such is the enormity of the stupidity of modern Europeans.  These are the wages of the Cold War, and such is the brilliance of neocons in Russia and America in managing their subject states.

For Europe and Poland it’s about  more than biting the hand that feeds them, it’s a full blown syndrome of modern European man whereby he gambles with the lives of others for the sole purpose of taking pleasure in acting recklessly because those others wanted him to remain an innocent child taking pleasure in recklessness.

One cannot blame Russia and America for having failed Europe. One can blame them for having failed one another, because Europe had failed them. Ukraine became a magnet for their corruption, and American and Russian agents were corrupted by an abundance of money, drugs, and sex  which undermined their own missions and hurt the interests of their respective governments.

Ukraine is a mess. A Jewish oligarch finances Neo-Nazis while Chechen tough-guys, unliked by either the separatists or the Azov nutters, pull the triggers on behalf of both. A war is being fought over territories that in the long-term will revert to larger state entities, and lives are lost so Washington and Moscow can gain leverage over Damascus. Syria, and not  Kiev, hold pride of place for the former super-powers. If Pravy Sector and Lugansk are too stupid to understand that they are pawns in a far bigger game,  and are dying for virtually nothing, may the Almighty have mercy on them and hasten their demise. In a saner world, the young men on both ends would be working together for the betterment and security of Europe.

It’s not just their lives that are being devalued and the dreams being destroyed, but the wedge being driven into the hearts of people with a common past and common future, which should cause the most concern. For as goes the Ukraine, so goes Europe, her pacifism and humanism revealed as false and bloated, and inconsequential.

Europe’s irenic ways are as useless as is its sense of pride in having banned war by the mere good-will of its intentions once Hitler died. This European uselessness, this powerlessness is evident in nearly every challenge which it faces today. It is as if a people were being driven mad, their hedonism making them short-sighted and their delusions, suicidal.

Europe has a real war, in what constitutes its geographic heart, and its only answer is to fuel the flames with its incontinent  and frail historical imagination.  The first reflex of its elites is to take sides, without so much as having an idea of the stakes involved nor suggesting any resolution to what should by now, be the acknowledged farce of Europe’s unstable borders.

The burden of maintaining peace between these capricious “humanists” is too great for Washington and Moscow. Without a common policy, and common agreement on the future of Europe, the world will have no means of stemming the the tide of rising violence in the Global South. Without coordination, America and Russia, even though unequal to one another, but vastly stronger than any third force, will best each other all the way into the collective grave of humanity into which their pointless rivalry will push us all.

Ukraine is an example of how a semi-decent country can sink into outright warfare at the drop of a dime. No one in their right mind could have predicted that regional tendencies between the West, Subcarpathia, the East, and Crimea, could result in bloodshed.  Three years ago the country was stable.

If it takes so little to become a failed state, everyone on the planet should be worried about how quickly our homes can turn into hell-holes if we fall into the cross-hairs of outside forces because our own institutions of governance are weak or unpopular.  With its penchant for trouble, and two former super-powers sinking their teeth into it, Ukraine was bound to get them to butt heads eventually, but how many of us really live in countries very different from the Ukraine?

Europeans have a way with illusions, and with grand-standing a la Poland, which are as dangerous as America’s penchant for pompous morality and Russia’s unprincipled opportunism.   Europeans are the only people known today, who pay for their idealism with others’ blood, and Americans and Russians are fools to let them do it.

Walter Lippman once opined, that all wars of aggression are justified defensively. It is high-time humanity take heed of this priceless observation, and begin to restrain the hatred and viciousness permeating our victim-hood narratives. They are the source of our insecurity, and they are aggression, not self-defense.

Everyone imagines themselves a victim, but if the only game in town is becoming one, it wont take long before every single one of us is literally bleeding and dying in the streets. If we allow the war in Ukraine to continue, it will finish by spreading to every corner of the globe. Peace between America and Russia passes through Brussels, which is to say Europe. Europe’s borders change often, and every such change seems to be paid with the lives of young men. Who will Europe blame for the current and next bloodshed when once again, its frontiers prove infirm?

Certainly not its flimsy handle on its own past.

Third parties should not look to Europe as anything but a source of division and an example of what not to follow.

Not just America and Russia, but  Syria, Turkey, Israel, and China, should expect nothing but trouble from a continent drunk on its own goody-goody lies. By the same token, they shouldn’t fall into the trap of expecting anyone but themselves to resolve their differences with themselves and their neighbors.

Everyone has a stake in Washington and Moscow tying the knot, but if Trump and Putin fail, the multilateral world will not be better off by following Europe’s lead in endlessly pitting the ex-super-powers in a race to the global bottom.

The Ukraine is the world’s present, and if this present is defined by a knee-jerk opposition to the very idea of America establishing a productive alliance with Russia, then it is a world without a future. The delusions of Europe’s revelry-classes are pathetic. Committing to the security of Lithuanias and Moldavias jeering at Moscow to the detriment of friendship with the only army hitting ISIS where it hurts, is an astonishingly dubious proposition. If the problem is the symbolism of Trump, all the more myopic. The nuthouse has been taken over by party animals  intent on purging the world of their sickness by burning it down.

Kids with ADD are opening the door to World War III, and McCain and the Warmongers are loading their rifles.



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