The 2016 presidential election witnessed unprecedented foreign interference into America’s domestic affairs. Nearly every “ally” leeching off of Uncle Sam’s generosity and good-will, liased with Anglo-American media to amplify their manic crusade against Trump’s candidacy.

In the diplomatic domain, foreign ambassadors and ministers  trashed centuries of protocol by insulting and disparaging Trump in front of the general public. Were it not for the continued assaults to which the new administration remains privy, a letter of protest aught to be dispatched summarily to embassies in the DC area demanding apologies for their inadmissible conduct, along with a threat to withdrawal from annexes to the Vienna convention in case of failure to comply.

No one meddled more, and more dangerously in this election, than the failed state on our southern border called Meh-chi-co whose consulates insolently mobilized “Latinos” both officially and through proxy agitators while a massive Mexican media onslaught was orchestrated by the DNC’s biggest donors who just happen to own Univision and Telemundo.

In Southern California Democratic operatives helped official mariachi agents throw workshops for aliens on  how to illegally participate in America’s election, including by casting ballots where residency requirements are poorly enforced by local authorities. Were Trump the vindictive bully his enemies paint him out to be, he should immediately expel Mexico’s entire diplomatic mission, pending voluntary disclosure of the names of participants of the anti-democratic undertaking it organized.

Where Mexico, a third world country rocked by Iraq-like narco-insurgency found the finance for this unparalleled intrusion into American elections, is a question secondary to the brutal exploitation of racial/ethnic identity to which it has resorted when it felt its grip over America’s sell-out politicians,  threatened.

Legislation may be necessary to insulate the country’s diverse population from  any foreign actors’ ability to light the fuse of our sensitive demographic divisions. Acting as Mexico’s lobby in America, La Raza, Atzlan, and MECHa need to be put on the FBI’s lists of hate groups for their racially divisive rhetoric and replaced by a National Council of Central Americans with a charter pledging indubitable allegiance to the United States and the Constitution on Which it Stands. The NSA needs to monitor these organizations’ communications with Mexican officials within the United States and in Mexico, while the CIA keeps tight tabs on the strategic orientation of their leadership.

When it needs to, Mexico calls upon American law enforcement and all kinds of aid, but in exchange it gives less than nothing by dumping all the issues of its social and demographic failure like one throws garbage into a landfill.  Mexico is in the business of both leeching off of America, and hitting bellow the belt when caught red-handed.  Monolithically backing Hillary Clinton, intent on continuing to use  America as a trash-heap, it resorted to foul-play in order to preempt a Trump presidency, and Mrs. Clinton  was perfectly willing to facilitate such treatment saying miles about where the nation’s true vulnerabilities lie.

Not in the foreign capitals of Xanadu, but in an attitude detectable among the Davos types of willfully trivializing the opinions and interests of common folk by painting them as backwards, retrograde, and reactionary so as to better keep them down, shut them up, and prevent them from  interfering with the rising super-class of state-bilkers the World Economic Forum and like-minded elite conclaves are built upon.

None better exemplifies Davosman than the surname which is a synonym with depraved careerism ready to sacrifice its own children in exchange for preeminence and power – the  Gigolos of Arkansas – the Clintons.  The same surname whose “Global Initiative” was modeled on the World Economic Forum where William Jefferson began his post-presidential career with a cameo appearance in  2000.  From the White House to the Super-Elite of Traitors, in the blink of an eye, with the entire corporate welfare aristocracy in tow.

Marked by a profound disconnect from any ordinary people anywhere, be they their “own” or those of adopted lands, it is the alpine-skiing cocaine-snorting preened snobs of Davos who are calling the shots in America and abroad, because three consecutive administrations in the White House giddily shoved their noses up the collective derriere of the Jet-set rather than being responsible helmsmen of the only country whose military posture matters to global peace and stability.

It wasn’t the Japanese or British junkets which had to evict Hussein from Kuwait or manage East Timor, and it wasn’t Tokyo or London who saw lobbyists, consultants, and advisors fleece the American tax-payer for every penny he was worth in the dyspareunias of the Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybian, Yemeni, and Syrian wars. It was America’s military, and America’s citizens who had to deploy the troops, pull the diplomatic strings, and foot the bill, and it took an American president to hoodwink them into doing so. The shakedown took place in Washington and it was Ol’Bill of Little Rock who was holding up the US Treasury with a Colt revolver.

Loaded with loot, especially of the political kind,  after his stint as Philanderer-in-Chief, Slick Willy went from debt ridden hillbilly  to millionaire, but true to his trademark altruism single-handedly pulled out of poverty a herd of bureaucrats, advisors, consultants, and former shoe-shiners turned policy experts as an act of generosity and love. Part of this anti-poverty effort involved transforming -by virtue of his presence alone- an exclusive but parochial get-together on a Swiss crag into the mega-event which we today know as Davos, where the rich geniuses of New York and Silicon Valley followed the careerist gigolo en masse in joining his New Age cult of spitting on the common folk for the sake of Mexican maquiladoras and Chinese sweatshops. Oh, and they lavished a few extra dimes on TED events, so they could feel smart, and not just indebted to Clinton’s ability to monetize networks and influence.

The Crooks of Davos are 50% American-born-back-stabbers of America, and 50% foreigners who would sell their own mothers if it meant showing off a Legion of Honor medallion or an autographed photo of Bill Clinton to the call-girls they court nightly for their eratomania. One can’t blame foreign prostitutes and traitors for not giving a hoot about their second-rate countries, the  global order and international peace. It is America’s job to care, seconded by Russia as a result of the USSR’s integral role in building the Post-WWII world.

Slick Willy thought only his secretaries could give real “jobs,” and America’s role, from his astute perspective was to fatten up her people with Chinese junk and have Mexicans clean up the mess for just 1$ a day. His legacy of NAFTA, China’s MFN,  and a border-less care-free world speaks miles about his attachment to his native soil, and it stands out even among the Crooks of Davos for its brazenness and lack of scruple. It is the reason why the elite bums are where they are today – sitting smugly in the executive rooms of the Anglo-American media, NGOs, and until a few day ago, the White House. When the Clinton’s and their acolytes sold bits and pieces of American governance for personal profit with no regard for anyone’s interest but their own, a new day dawned on America. The day when America’s Security and Foreign Policy was hollowed out and replaced by the interests of the networked careerists of the Davos-CGI-Aspen circuit.

When questioned on their fire-sale of American political influence  via their Foundation, Initiatives, and Library, the Little Rockers always chime that it is “all perfectly legal” and that their “Foundations are major donors to charity,” i.e. the charities of other billionaires like Bill Gates, or surprise, the World Economic Forum.

Eons ago the Bolos from Little Rock were dirt-broke hobos paying off their mortgage, who managed to swindle their way into the White House because another Bush was in the running. After eight diligent years of liquidating everything from the front lawn to the lawn-mower, they transformed American from the world’s preeminent nation into an extension of Mexico’s sewage system, with one big fat pipe going from Chiapas and ending somewhere near the border with Canada leaking heroin and illegals along the way.

Under Clinton, China rose from being the world’s most overpopulated slum to polluting the world with more useless bric-à-brac than it does with noxious fumes and toxic chemicals, and the the Crooks of Davos lapped it all up with Willy at their head. These “self-made” billionaire hairs to the world’s most insalubrious fortunes  made an even bigger fortune off of the declining standards of living of every  government they corrupted and debased following Willy’s lead and model. There was, in fact, no spoliation or ruination they didn’t like as long as the fun included Billy in a German bordello or smoking pot with Parisian hookers.

The presidencies of George Bush, and of Hillary Clinton (with  Obama fronting) only strengthened the trend towards Corporatocracy. Democracy began its downward spiral as the system of governance in America the day William Jefferson was having his way with Monica Lewinsky, and a new political configuration rose in its place. Decision making migrated from the purview of a defiled White House into the mentally frail hands of the worshipers of Mammon.

It felt natural. Unintentional. Merited and earned. If the only business of the American President was business, then politics became the art of selling political favors, and prices, supply and demand, not governance, or policy, took center stage.  The Clinton’s even had a term for this change, they called it the “New Economy,” and laughed every-time some big-wig gave the term academic credibility. They then divorced the word “Interest” from the “National” and handed it off to “Rate” without so much as an afterthought for the new couple’s fate. Clinton put the Davosmen in charge of America and the World, and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave was on its way to becoming a petro-state, crossed with pipelines, exporting shale oil, and serving as an annex to Greater Atzlan with a captive audience of drug-addicts and retirees with homes in Lake Chapala.

The advent of Bush the Younger, only made things worst. This spawn of Nazi-collaborators was too dumb to even tie his own shoelaces let alone run a staff of uppity assistants. His vice-president Richard Cheney stepped in to run the show. As Dr. Strange, he became the head of Halliburton, Nuclear Bomb Incorporated, Boeing  and the Pentagon all at once, and energy and arms companies hit jack pot when oil supplies suffered because his pacemaker needed a battery change. The country was in the hands of puppet-masters and wicked schemers, schmoozing with Clinton and the GOP, buying them out like the Whores they had become. A favor here a favor there, and we got the Iraq Wars, along with the fault-lines for that splendid firework of Liberty known as the Arab Spring.

Speaking of Springs and “Change,” Obama’s entire entourage  was decided by a banker with family ties to Clinton era appointees, who scribbled names on a Citibank napkin even before the Phony got elected in 2008. Hillary Clinton got to run everything from behind the scenes, including Obama’s mouth, right till the last day of his fake presidency. During that Fake Presidency, the Muslim world “mysteriously” erupted with joyful caricatures of its hard-nosed selves, and the splendorous march of Freedom of Expression looked to have taken another stiff-necked people aback, via the back, with well oiled LGTB groups in Lebanon and FEMEN’s tits having tipped the scales in Liberty’s favor. Here, the hallucinations of Neocons joined the delirium of Davosmen, and the story ended with NATO special forces helping bugger, mutilate, and murder Muammar Gaddafi when only weeks before the commanders-in-chiefs of the very same special forces  were sipping margaritas with the Libyan dictator in Downing Street and the Elysee Palace. Psychopaths have a way of shaking their friend’s hand while stabbing them in the back with the other. Dictators are a terrifying breed, but their simplicity and idealism makes our Power Network look positively evil in comparison.

Ordinary people get a hearing with even the worst dictator, but to the neo-con-artists and careerists they are a mere  mountain of flesh serving as a staircase to reach the celestial heights for which the unique, original, and special egos were predestined. As with all narcissists, the ascent of a vizier and a Croesus is based on the complete lack of empathy, understanding or identification with anyone but themselves, and the result is as predictable as the rising of the sun.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The MENSA membership cards and bloated bank figures substitute for a lack of human sympathy which renders the Corporatocrats blind to the rumblings beneath their feet.  Except in a few rare cases of robust democracy, history teaches that this inherently tasteless class of careerists is taken off guard every time The People hit the streets with pitch-forks. They are always shocked.  Shocked when the masses, the idiots, the fools, speak up forcefully and in ultimatums. Shocked that the poor are such envious beings, that they would interdict the Successful the fruit of their success only because they themselves lead lives of failure and stupidity. Shocked that nothing works according to their automated algorithms and the calculations of the Blackrocks and Alladins.

True to their UFO-origins, when faced with the angry mob the over-weened resort to their penchant for the spacey and other-worldly. They do  as they did in their impish attempts to destroy Trump. They throw a fit, they flip, go nuts, and light every fuse on which they can get their hands in the hope that one of the fuses, at least one of them, will have the desired effect of eradicating that which obstructs their happiness.

In 2016, their first reflex was to don the sombrero and reach out for the peyote, but try as they could to leverage Mexico’s demographic obesity in America to skew the popular vote numbers in Hillary’s favor, the narco-state just didn’t have the clout and pull to break America’s electoral collage. The Crooks of Davos then made a call to a first class harlot.  America’s allies across the pond, with their posh accents in the Oxbridge cousinhood were told to volunteer to do their share in fighting the international fascism of which Trump was the supposed embodiment.

The very essence of the Davos Network is to commandeer the administrative resources of entire countries to keep the heart of the Davos Party beating; it is the sine qua non of the Network’s power. Countries which cannot be controlled, are anathema to them. Declared enemies. Excommunicated, and attacked until submission using the coercive means of other, already submitted, countries.  How else are they to make money arbitraging labor, environmental, and tax regimes if not by pitting government against government cashing in on the winners like bookies on a Horse Race. In what is a pitiless race to the bottom for the Common Man, the Crooks augment their prestige and cement their dominant status relying on a variety of tools, of which none equal the reach and potency of English speaking media.

How convenient, that the most universally respected of such media happens to be the BBC in London. Even more convenient,  its foreign broadcast service is legally bound to the British Foreign Ministry in Whitehall. Run by a blundering idiot failed talk-show host Boris Johnson, it goes without saying that Whitehall, upon orders from Downing Street, lent a hand to the impressive anti-Trump propaganda the Beeb started manufacturing back in November 0’16.

For the last three months, correspondents of the Corporation have been scouring Russia (and its neighbors) for the flimsiest evidence of a pro-Trump conspiracy, going so far as to pass-off the ramblings of former government officials turned “dissidents” about Trump’s ties to the Russian mafia as newsworthy material.

It was in Sweet England that the most malicious members of the WMD-in-Iraq armchair-warrior cadre fabricated the Trump Golden Shower dossier. A dossier  slimed by the greasy fingerprints of the outgoing Obama administration on every page. Covered in the fingerprints of neocons and the White House which green-lighted the gargantuan Anti-Trump tsunami coming from foreign dignitaries and foreign media, and ferried into our own living rooms by our CNNs and Foxes.

In seeking to loosen the hold of Trump’s appeal to America’s middle classes, it is beyond certain that Obama gave Number 10 the signal to breach international protocol with the calculation of helping Mrs. Clinton secure the presidency. It was the White House which untied the bounds of diplomats and the second rate statesmen which blight the planet, to brazenly insult the American electorate with aspersions against Trump. With the Clinton Holdings Company dictating Obamas every breath, his wink and nod untied the tongues of social climbing paper-pushers the world over, to jeer and mock the grandchildren of the Americans’ whose blood was spilled so France and England could keep on eating their precious Sticheltons and Bries, and party like there is no tomorrow in Costa del Sol and ClubMed.

It was a sublime moment in which the American Emperor was walking about naked, to the universal guffaw of the world, and the American empire was exposed as being  subverted by its minions much as furniture by rapacious termites.

It was a moment when those who perennially whine and grippe about American occupation, oppression, and exploitation, showed their true colors and sunk their canines into the carcass of what they presumed was an America down and out on her knees.

Davosman thought he had triumphed. He had managed to reunite around his idol of Mammon the comprador elites of the world…but in his hubris he forgot two not-so-insignificant details.


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