Three consecutive incumbents in the White House have betrayed the American people and caved-in to a footloose globalist elite at odds with democracy and traditional sovereignty. With the single exception of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, country after country has forfeited its independence to the Crooks of Davos. Ignoring Russia’s precedent, and failing to ally with Putin, will significantly weaken Trump in his effort to resurrect America’s political and economic vibrancy. Democracy and sovereignty require a Trump-Putin alliance if they are to stand a chance of defeating the elites’ ability to turn a profit from the sweat and blood of the world’s masses, unrestrained in their appetite for exploitation by any politician, government, or people.

It’s easy to get carried away with success. The men of Davos, the neocons, the swindlers, hoodlums, Hollywood producers, presstitudes, and gossip columnists cross-dressed as journalists, attribute their socialite status to exceptional qualities of perseverance, intellect, and temperament.

Even if it were the surreal case that every job of note were manned by industrious hard-workers who climbed the social ladder by virtue of mere effort and application, it would not absolve a single one of them  from the responsibility to submit to the checks and balances of a government ruled by the people, and for the people.

It is a basic measure of the quality of a nation and state, that no one, irrespective of age, gender, belief, income, renown, and fame, can be above the laws intended to be applied to all those worthy of the noble title of “citizen.”

From the mighty to the low, all must approach the Temples of Justice humbled, entrusting their fate into the hands of the laws which had been fashioned by  legislators, and put into effect by elected leaders on behalf of, and with the consent of, themselves. It is a tautology, but one essential to the survival and performance of democracies that the rulers must also be the ruled.

From billionaire to the homeless, a modern democracy  is government via institutions answerable to the people who they govern, and to which all those who govern, are subject.  No amount of success, no matter how ill or well gotten, can justify poor judgment, nor remove anyone of any caste or wealth, nor poverty and failure, from the scrutiny of the general public. Without such scrutiny representative democracies die like patients suffering a virulent cancer. It is a scrutiny extended to all citizens, and to the entire range of activities in which they engage, from investment decisions to zoning laws, by other citizens such as themselves.

When for reasons of social degradation, the public finds itself unable to assure the scrutiny of some or all of its parts, talk of freedom, of equality, of independence and sovereignty can be interred in a solid coffin. Special casts are born. Special categories granting permanent exception from necessary checks and balances, standards applied based on faction and prejudice, render asunder a people, until one part of them must collude in order to exploit its remainder.

Centuries of true democracy, of an active and engaged populace have shaped an  America more resourceful than a posse of traitors from Davos could ever fathom. Most of these spoiled aristocrats hail from lands unused to being subject to the scrutiny of their fellows, and believe themselves to be above the law as a matter of birthright. Members of the Network who hail from the fair shores of America, have adulterated their democratic spirit because three consecutive White House incumbents have distorted America’s political traditions by selling the Jewels of the New World to the  Kleptocrats of the Old.

Today, what’s left of the America for whom Freedom was as sacred as to the Muslim is the Koran and to the Buddhists a Mandala, attempts for one last time, out of its grave, to rise and resurrect democracy for the benefit of all who do not wish to see fatalism and despotism put out the light of Civilization.

With the twenty year demise of the American republic, the country’s most talented and ambitious have gone astray. They’ve formed bonds, closer and thicker with the autocrats and slumlords of the world, than with the people which surrounded them at birth. In business and economics, they are more loyal to their peers in Davos, than to their brothers and sisters in New York and San Francisco. In affairs of state they are finding old roots, those of their grandparents, prevailing over the shoots growing in the sunlight of the Great Plains. America, increasingly resembles a dying cow carved up by a gang of truculent thieves, each one vying with the other for a bigger piece of her meat.

The Davosmen pump her full of credit so she can consume beyond all her means, an infinite fat belly avaricious for the useless exports of the world without the right to manufacture her own lest Davosman would have to share more of his income with the middle classes.

Her heads of state accompanied by their camarillas direct and steer her wherever their bonds of corruption or family induce them. Mexico, Cuba, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, and Israel, tearing the cow apart, limb by limb, appendage by appendage. Try to halt them with “America First” and their scimitars and daggers are pulled, hissing and threatening with calumnies and vituperations apropos to their ingratitude, belying the value of their “alliances” and “friendship” to America.

As the great Isaac Asimov predicted, America’s democracy would not survive three centuries. Davosmen and pseudo-patriots whose loyalty to the American flag rings as false as the serial lies they tell, have precious time for her intransigence in submitting to their dictates and directives, and by hook or by crook, they will attempt to take down any Wall opposing their intentions. Trump may be tough, but without a genuine return to America’s democratic traditions, his tenure wont put a dent in their dizzying ascent over the palaces and parliaments of the world.

Reining-in a well-heeled gang of greasy tricksters, will require abolishing political precedent which goes back to the 50s and 60s. As there is an international component to the power neo-Davos-cons wield, if Trump doesn’t find a powerful like-minded ally abroad, he’s as good as toast at home.

The power of these idolators of Mammon extends fully into China, Brazil, and India, with virtually no exception in between. America’s traditional “allies” are tearing her apart and have all gone on record disparaging Trump. Theresa May is a chorus girl picked out in Davos to fleece the British of their Brexit vote and now she’s visiting America to pull the wool over Trump’s eyes with her “Defending the West Rhetoric” designed to distract from her instructions to Whitehall to de-legitimize Trump at every turn.

Aside from marginal parties within Europe, henceforth the mission of any European mandarins visiting the White House is to carry water for the neo-Davos-cons, doing their utmost by flattery and blandishment to preempt the only logical alliances Trump can make to strengthen America’s democracy and governance through the world. An alliance with the only country of any significance whose leadership has preceded Trump in successfully accomplishing that, which Trump himself must accomplish, if the plutocrats are to be once again subject to the checks and balances of public scrutiny, and if a country is to have its own National Interest, and not just an Interest Rate determined by Goldman Sachs.

An alliance with Putin’s Russia.

While China’s elite may have been as easy to purchase as a “massage” in Thailand, with membership in the WTO and a Macao based laundromat for the politburo’s ill-gotten gains,  Russia’s elite was ostracized from the World Economic Forum the minute Putin came into office, because he was the first leader to challenge Davos’s hold over a country’s elite, and unless Trump joins him in the task, he will also be the last.

In exchange for  the myriad services rendered by Sands and Caesars casinos to the well-heeled commies running China, neo-Davos-cons are  given unfettered access to Han slaves whose living and work condition makes Southern Slavery look humane in comparison. Sullying the reputation of Western brands, the deal made between Clinton and Zhu Rongji to trade Davos Money for Chinese mingong labor, makes everyone who buys Chinese-made Barbie dolls and dental floss complicit in the unspeakable crimes committed against China’s noble people. Superficially at odds, where the parasites of the CCP  and the thugs of Davos see eye-to-eye, is in spitting on the people of every country and at every possible opportunity, provided they can turn a profit at the expense of the commoner.

Outside the shinny vitrines of Shanghai, literally hundreds of millions of Han men and women live in the precarity of losing limb and life without so much as a right to a hearing, their organs sold as punishment when executed or tortured to death in the Middle-Kingdon’s burgeoning prisons. They see their land expropriated without compensation, and suffer cancer rates so high in some regions as to constitute a form of genocide. Appeals are impossible, and protest is brutally and lethally suppressed. This worker’s paradise allows no trade unions, nor public gatherings. It kidnaps those who try to voice their concerns in the deep of the night, beats them, and places them in solitary confinement without so much as a notice to their families. This, and much more is behind every “Made in China” label that the world is increasingly relying on for its manufactured goods.

In stark contrast to China, Russia wasn’t invited to join the WTO until 2012 when America finally abolished outdated Cold War rules which mandated discriminatory emigration policies from the USSR, along with annual congressional reviews of Moscow’s human rights record as preconditions to ascension talks. By this time, Russia’s elites had been subject to ten years of Davos boycotts and Kremlin purges which both assured that they towed the line when it came to putting their money at the service of anyone except Russia’s national interest.

Putin was early to clean Russia’s elites of all compradors and those who sought to sell the country on the international markets in exchange for Davos club membership. Oligarchs who remained in Russia, agreed to keep their wealth in the service of the nation. Davos balked, and blacklisted them. It excluded them from the international money markets it controls, and told patriotic Russian capital, that unlike the clean money of medieval Saudi Arabia or dubious countries like Turkey and Morocco, it wasn’t welcome, and could stay at home. Only fanatic Putin-bashers could remain Davos members,  everyone else was assumed to be a card-carrying Russian Mafioso, and NATO countries were watching their every financial step so as to preempt Putin from buying influence in the West and undermining Davos from the inside.

There is little doubt, that most money in the former Soviet Union, is money which came into its owners hands via exercise of physical coercion. There is also little doubt, that until the ascension of Vladimir Putin, this money was solicited in London, Switzerland, and New York, where it had been created in the first place when Slick Willy sent in a bunch of Harvard boys to privatize post-Communist assets in Russia.

Just as Saudi or Chinese money doesn’t smell, when it is invested into American Pension Funds or Paris property, so too Russian money was steeped in Dior until Putin attacked the ties between Harvard and the Russian privateers who stripped his country of industry and assets and were enjoying the proceeds in St. Moritz and Megève.  Oligarchs who didn’t fully grasp that ordinary Russians would not stand for a perpetual emptying out of their country so Switzerland could enjoy higher real estate valuations were, with the help of the Kremlin, bought out by oligarchs loyal to Russia’s National Interest.

Like Trump, Putin rode to power with the intention to bring to heel Russia’s corrupt fat cats, not by confiscating the gains of their finger-breaking ransacking of his country’s assets, but by conditioning their business continuity on their loyalty to the state. Henceforth, Switzerland was for parties, not for policy making decisions and conspiracies against Russia’s public interest.

As imperfect as the democracy which elected him, there is not a shred of doubt as to the mandate that the Russian people granted Putin in respect to their sovereignty, and the rule of law. With only the flimsiest history of republican practice, these tough people secured the sacrosanct link between the citizen’s loyalty to his state in return for the state’s loyalty to him. Maintaining this link now depends on whether or not America itself, can maintain it, and in what form and fashion it can do so with Russian on her side.

Davosman was dealt a blow by Putin, and he counter-attacked immediately. Davosman decided to sling mud. To tar and feather Putin, as Davos tars and feathers Trump today. Fake dossiers, outlandish rumors, the same forked tongues spread absurd gossip about Putin, that fuel lie after lie about Trump. Naturally, there was truth to some of their claims. There is always truth in even the most gratuitous distortions, such as Pizzagate, and Danney William’s paternity.

There is truth to envisioning Russia as a country where everything rests on the shoulder of a single man. There is truth in portraying Trump as an outsider, whose ideas and beliefs are so verboten to polite society, that even his most ardent supporters would not voice them in public. True but pitiful compared to the truths about Davosman himself, who when it comes to moral posturing is at the bottom of the ladder, at the level of Avodah Zarah and just a notch above the child-eating Ugolino della Gherardesca. With a log in their own eyes, the neo-Davos-cons are the rasha arum that Rav Huna equated with  with murderers and corruptors who destroy their neighbors, for if there is even a sliver of truth to the lies which Davosman tells about his enemies, then there is only a fraction of truth he tells about himself through the multi-headed hydra of the media he owns and controls.

Try as he may to obscure the hideous realities for which he is responsible by dissembling them in the small shortcomings of his enemies, what is the measure of men responsible for the fate of China’s workers, the plight of women under Islamism, the insecurity of Mexico’s border factories, the fragility of the middle classes in the Global North, but have the temerity to distract the attention of the world with trifles about Trump’s outspokenness or Putin’s right to secure his people’s sovereignty?

The number of Siberian governors with homes in Colorado and Miami, may be considerable. Every rich Misha and Grisha who owns a flat on Arbat, tends to boast a pad in London and anchors a Yacht in Nice.  Enforcing Putin’s bargain is no small feat for the Kremlin and Davos hopes to break it with a pet-door for those willing to take Putin down. Davosman doesn’t mind Al-Qaeda money in his coffers, he minds money which signals independence, and which challenges the power of his Network. Davos loves cash of any color and from any crime syndicate, provided it is not a syndicate which answers to anyone else, but Davos itself.

Eschewing Kremlin money while PSG and Manchester United go to  known-for-their-hard-work GCC monarchs, has backfired spectacularly against Davosman.  It has fostered the only potential ally Trump can hope to find in his battle for America’s sovereignty and possible restoration of democracy’s ability to scrutinize citizens independently of their wealth or origins.

Inversely, Trump has become the only leader of any consequence who can strengthen Russia’s own democratic aspirations.  His credibility, sincerity, and his intense intellect and energy, are needed in an international environment where those who oppose Davos are few and in-between. An alliance between America and Russia, to the detriment of Saudi owned Davos, Aspen, and the New York Times, means bringing Russia back to its European and Western roots. The same roots which nourish America’s own civilization.

America and Russia, are countries rich with human talent and ambition. There is nothing inherently wrong in succeeding financially and socially in life. It is when such success is achieved to the detriment of everyone else who works hard and plays by the rules, that the full value of a government responsible to and for the people which it governs, can be appreciated.

It is not enough to make a billion and join the circles of the high-flying while the struggles of common people become a virtue signaling opportunity for NGOs and faux charity. Success must be accompanied by political constraints which respect the administrative capacity of states to govern their jurisdictions to the benefit of all their constituents. This is the task of the Trumps and Putins, and the neo-Davos-cons are their common enemy because their power is based on reckless do-goodism rather than a respect for political tradition. If the two leaders fail to secure so much as friendship, the Davos rats will feast on their bones, and democracy and Sovereignty will die a swift and costly death.


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