is about all Europe has to offer, in exchange for others’ lives.

Real Americans, the kind that work normal jobs, earn an average living, and lead simple lives,  don’t want one drop of their blood spilled for the expansion and retraction or maintenance of Europe’s perennially shifting borders. Even as its boundaries change every decade, and empire after empire consolidate, break apart, and re-consolidate, it has still not dawned on the super-smart policy elites in Washington that until they start enlisting and doing the fighting themselves, their territorial insurance the bureau-fat-cats in Brussels will always be paid singularly with the blood and toil of normal Americans, and not their own.

It is not the blood of the cognoscenti, digerati, literati, or any eggheads that will do good on America’s promise to Croatia, Bosnia, or Moldavia to keep them “sovereign and independent.” Nor is it  the high-brow, humanistic, morally spic-and-span celebrities, performers, and designers who will be removing land mines from the fields of Eastern Ukraine.

No, the Americans asked to give up their lives for Estonia’s borders will be the ones whose views are the most vilified and marginalized  by the same people who get to decide where, when, and for which second rate crag they get to die.

It is the poor boys of the Southern states,  and not the Lexus driving, Stanford graduates of  trust-fund parents working for Burston-Marstellar who will put on a uniform  and defend the Nutella makers because Slovenian demand Trieste, or when Walloons vote for secession from the Godiva munchers,  be sent off to fight for the “territorial integrity” of Belgium!

The rednecks and the boos lampooned by the insipid media as uneducated and crude rubes and thugs, whose opinions it despises, caricatures, and mercilessly belittles when they vote for a Trump,  will be the ones shipped back to America in coffins when some reckless European cashes in Washington’s “blank check” of a dime-a-dozen no-questions asked cockamamie strategic defense agreement. As long as a bobo in America can get her Belgian waffles and Trader Joes is well stocked for the Holiday season, we’ll let every second-rate buffoon in a banana republic suck us into the border disputes that his  own people aren’t willing to fight, using our high-school graduate from Alabama or Tennessee!

With America’s present international posture every fraudulently elected phony can count on ex-Cold War warrior crooks to manipulate our country into an intervention on his (or her) behalf.

It is the most brutal kind of social denigration to be able to not only send others’ children to die and fight the battles of failed leaders in failed nations, but to do so on the basis of  fabrications, while the attempt to place any checks and balances on such fabrications is ruthlessly suppressed and exterminated using smears and social annihilation.

One day it was Iraq, with its non-existent WMDs, the next day it was  Lybia, with its non existent genocide in Cyrenaica or Tripolitania. When Assad is smeared as  gassing his own people, US backed terrorists grin as they pump more bullets into the heads of infants born into pro-government families. A minstrel show of “Assad’s torture chamber” travels to London, without anyone checking the authenticity of what it puts on display yet its still given the rostrum by the BBC, FoxNews CNN.

Today it is Putin who is boasting horns and breathing sulfur, as the all powerful not-so-secret backer of Trump, and not a shred of evidence need be presented to an American public subject to the repeat-often-enough Gobblesian propaganda of an unhinged by its contempt for Trump, media.

Before Trump was confirmed as a GOP candidate, a second rate hack named Michelle Fields pretended she had been brutally beaten by the head of Trump campaign and the media went out on a limb to smear him with the charges. Later on, a  bevy of strumpets was made to roar in unison about “sexual harassment”  when  PodestaLeaks hit the fan.  Topping it all off, America’s single biggest traitor in government, “Senator” John McCain, spread a “Trump drinking Piss” dossier pushing the outgoing government to consider extreme measures to preempt a Trump inauguration.

Lie after lie after lie, and America’s only hope is a man whose repugnance to the elites,  reveals just how dangerous their  caste has become for the future of a country and the world when their only response to lies, is more lies. To imagine that Hollywood’s scripted make-believe about the Qaddafis, Putins, Husseins, and Assads will continue to be lapped up like koolaid in a world with digital newspapers and citizen journalism, is a certified  diagnosis of sociopathy.

To so much as point a finger at these sociopaths and to challenge their prerogatives to confabulate and cheat, gets no hearing in the media, let alone in America’s courts of justice. Day in and day out, week after week and month after month  Americans are subject to  lies from our  broadcasters and broadsheets, whose intensity and persistence amounts to mental torture whose intent is anything but innocent, because it aims at inverting the relationship between those presumed to serve us in our government, and the people who they are obligated to serve. Once the lies begin, they never stop;  they are required in order keep the relationship reversed and to keep this ruthless caste in power.

America’s underwriting of the integrity of Europe’s borders is calculated in American blood and toil, and must be subject to the same democratic review as is the national budget.  The 10,000 individuals who visit Aspen and Davos are not to remain the arbiters of American largess extended to the world with the sweat and toil of ordinary Americans.

Coming from Berlin or Paris, the proposition that America will eagerly send her children to lay down their lives the day an Estonians or Polish politician’s career is threatened by a referendum or dispute with Russia, is not only pompous and insulting, it constitutes a direct threat and is a mockery of, America’s National Interest.

A system in which countries whose population are not committed to defending their own territorial integrity because America has made this commitment in their place, is a doomed system, because by definition, such countries are failed states. Their “sovereignty” pops like a bubble the minute American GIs exit the picture.

Countries lacking the means to maintain their sovereignty, provide no justification for it. It is only when haggling about geopolitical objectives that some pipsqueaks’  “independence” becomes a chip on the bargaining table for bigger, consequential players, i.e. the ones with the means to defend borders but who are constrained by others of equal means in doing so.

It is the big fish, and not the Slovaks and Denmarks, who will decide which peoples will get their “own states,” and which ones will be asked to assimilate into the state-building exercise of someone else. The fate of a Slovenia or Lithuania depends on its strategic utility to the Americans and Russians.  Without their support, the Croatias, Montenegros and Maccedonias don’t have a leg to stand on, because they’d be parts of either Italy or Turkey, as was the case 80 years ago.

Having corrupted Washington’s former Cold War warriors with family and financial ties, and with the fiscal and military shake-down known as NATO exerting oversized pressure on America’s overseas commitments, where are the checks and balances on America’s “allies” which assure normal Americans, the ones who have to manufacture the bombs, load them up on trucks, the welders and makers of the ships used to ship them, the cooks who prepare the food distributed to American servicemen world-wide who maintain the bombs, where are the legal constraints on Washington elites which assure that these average American’s are not going to be mere pawns in the miscalculations and bellicosity of a Sikorsky or Saakashvili, who with the encouragement of a Nuland or a McCain, can spew hatred towards their neighbors regardless of the consequences for the lives of the average Americans who Washington will send to “get their backs”?

While the world’s elite thumbs its nose at Trump, and we are subject to the demented clucking of slimy George Soros or accolades to “Globalization” coming from a Mandarin who enslaves five hundred million (500,000,000) mingong to the applause of lobotomized Western celebrities and journalists, normal Americans, the ones who rush to Walmart to buy a discounted broom or toilet brush, are treated to a media shit-show of “The Nazis are Coming!!!” or “Hitler is Back!” which belittle their intelligence as well as demeaning the suffering of those who were actually subject to Hitler or the Nazis in the 30s and 40s.

Corrupt Cold War warriors together with Europe’s Second Estate are presumptuous and arrogant in their treatment of ordinary Americans. Insisting and imposing on the US a commitment to European borders and European security, without ever considering even for an instant, what it is American’s get in return, is tantamount to spitting and urinating on the American Flag.

Europeans conveniently respond  with accusations of imperialism and play the part of the willing hostage to America’s empire. A hostage showered with confetti, food, and drink, to devour at their incessant orgies. A prisoner in a golden cage, chirping about the hardships of not having to deal with hardships, because of all the gold and VIP treatment he’s getting with his daily free meals. These besotted pseudo-countries are even encouraged to join the pageant that is the UN, IMF and other multilateral bodies, on equal terms with the same  Imperialists to whose largess they are indebted for their very existence! Who is doing the encouraging? Why the imperialists of course!

How convenient, for the mini-monarchs of the Lichtensteins, Albanias, and Belorussias to gripe about the Bear or Eagle, while being asked to provide  didley-squat in exchange for having their mini-reigns insured against Europe’s instability.  Dealing uniquely with the policy elites of both countries, these sovereign tots seem to miss that the average Russian or average American isn’t anymore represented by neocons, apparatchiks, fat-cats and oligarchs than the average Romanian, Bulgarian, or Serb is represented by the well-connected criminals who feed of them like leeches.

An agreement between Russia and America, presumes that Europe’s future is decided once and for all, in a manner which takes into account its perpetually changing political landscape without prejudicing the super-power relationship. As painful and distasteful as it may appear to those raised on historical gibberish about the immutability of Europe’s nations and peoples, there is a limit on how much American and Russian blood need be spilled in guaranteeing the language rights of Basques, Kosovars, and Moldavians, or Ossetians, Abkazians, and Tatars. The objective is to avoid the bloodletting and chaos required to arrive at the Treaty of Westphalia. To avoid engaging in the war which preceded Europe’s first negotiated ordering of her religious, linguistic, and national divergences. Schwepps and Oranginas may be well packaged, but they are Tonics and Coca Cola’s by another name. Those who cannot foot the bill for their caprices, will have to reduce their appetite and accept that the generosity of others also has its limits. Limits on how much America and Russia are prepared to offer so Europe can enjoy the honors of having her cake and eating it at the same time.

Presently, a trans-Atlantic Cold War policy elite is mobilizing its massive and corrupt network, to preempt a Trump-Putin attempt at such any settlement of the New Cold War. The initiative is on America, and the ball is in Trump’s court. The task before him may appear daunting and insurmountable, but provided he plays his cards close to his chest, history is on his side, as is the Justice Department run by Jeff Sessions. The Benedict Arnold  billionaires, and extremely-smart-scholar-residents of the University of Loonies, wont know what hit them when they are boxed off to Guantanamo as befits their crimes.

MSN WMDs are at a critical exhaustion, and the productive classes are fed up with the leeches who feed off their blood. The battle will be dirty and intense, but it will not take long since Europe’s coming elections sound the backlash to the organized anti-Trump agitation of the Media and of billionaire sponsored Feminist marches aimed at discrediting his rule. Trump can refuse to play into the “Russia’s puppet” meme by delaying a meeting with Putin, but his dedication to securing peace in our century can strike directly at the heart of the matter by focusing on Europe directly.

Europeans used to manufacture boats, planes, and palaces, and they brought literacy and sanitation to the known world. A Russo-American alliance is required if  Europe is to play its fair share in instructing the Global South in the art of governance, development, and social progress so desperately needed in overpopulated regions burdened with low administrative and organizational resources.

International events are begging for a restoration of global order, of which a Russo-American alliance is the ultimate prerequisite.


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