By way of a brief comment, a certain cadre, most closely associated with the Crooks who Cooked the WMDs, duping the country year-in and year-out since 2001 on every foreign boondoggle one can recall, are moaning and whinning about their plummeting career chances with President-Elect Trump.

Besides it being their profession, the whining is well merited, but facetious. Since 2001 they have outgrown their breeches and are being brought to heel by a new executive team. The  privilege of these elite bureaucrats to call the foreign policy shots in Washington is being circumscribed, but their fantasies of total exclusion are as over-hyped as was the WMD dossier. As a critical ingredient of America’s foreign policy toolbox, they can be let off their leash the minute required by current events. Their ability to inspire fear in America’s enemies is a given, making them unique and irreplaceable.

Due to a weakness of both presidents Bush and Obama, these powerful apparatchiks have gotten used to calling the shots on many a foreign policy issue, most notably Eurasia and the Middle East, with significant influence in America’s entire foreign policy posture. The servants of empire, have become the rulers of empire.

Today, these masters are being put back in their place, until further notice. Aside from their own paranoid claims, no one will be ridding us of their services anytime soon.  The more radical among them, will at most, get 8 years off to pen tedious memoirs about their unoriginal lives, but Trump will not have the destructive instinct these second-rate philosophers attribute to him, of putting them out in the cold for good.

More commonly known as the “Neocons” their origins are in America’s Cold War cadres of Anti-Bolsheviks. These men and women deserve their fair share of the credit for both instigating the Cold War, perpetuating it, but also for having carried it on behalf of the United States of America. Their paranoia, wasn’t always misplaced. Their assiduousness, networking, learning, and dedication varied according to their own political convictions, which were, for the most part, loyal to the country of their birth.  Regardless of their diverse takes on America’s domestic debates, they were single minded in focusing on the Soviets in the foreign sphere,  with  both negative, and positive results where America’s own national interests were concerned. As the ultimate factotums of American empire, they both served the empire, and undermined it. The very nature of their work being corrupt, it corrupted them in return. This corruption then washed back into the heart of the empire, which they actively corrupted, without necessarily taking note of doing so.

These men and women defeated the Warsaw pact and the USSR, and many succumbed to the temptation of becoming “ghost” advisors to nascent “democracies” and dodgy “businessmen” in the frenzy of  Victory. In parallel to their Soviet counterparts, these factotums became full-fledged peddlers of influence and profit, tying their interests to corrupt officials and crime groups in the Balkans, Central Europe,  and the FSU.

Gift-wrapping their activity in solemn patriotism preempted public scrutiny from delineating America’s national interest, from their own self-serving ones. Networks which defeated Communism, weren’t adapted for victory, and American democratic institutions were ill-equipped to deal with the fall-out of powerful bureaucrats allied to outright criminal groups in one part of the world, and mainstream political institutions in another. America wasn’t ready to either rein them in, or take them to task.

In 2016, Trump came along. His own story, will-be, in some part, the story of separating the wheat from the chaff where the servants of empire are concerned. The man is a call-back to a time when the American security state, whatever its short-comings  was governed by genuine patriotism and “America First” was a given. The risk of a conflict of interests was significantly lower with the Soviet Union around. American financial and economic hegemony was self-evident, and no one imagined the minions of empire, corrupting the empire from within.

Among servants, there are those who remain loyal to the cause, those who are lukewarm and unreliable, and then there are the opportunists, who play in order to play others and tend to do so exceedingly well. For those whining about their lowered career opportunities in today’s Washington, it is a time to reflect about their own natures and possible career changes such natures entail. If Trump remains true to his campaign promises, the manipulators themselves will be played for all they are worth, while the lukewarm will be sidelined and  only the patriots can reasonably expect to keep their jobs.

Those who construe “America first” as an insult to their mores, are not fit to carry the flag. The unpatriotic can stick to shoe-shinning and waiting in bars. Traitors, sell-outs, and backstabbers, have options ranging from cybersex, to escort services.  Society is better off, when everyone sticks to their true nature.

America’s “neocons” have overstayed their welcome. Un-elected, unaccountable, and lacking any incentives towards introspection and self-restraint, their influence must be reduced if not eliminated.

The days of a triumphant but unhinged Cold War cadres calling the shots in Washington, must be brought to an end. When the Berlin wall stood, our neocons studied the elites of the Warsaw pact countries, and used their insight to weaken the Pact, and to tear down the Wall. In the freewheeling days which ensued they deepened their influence  in the newly democratizing countries, constituting a chimera of alliances and relationships whose impact on America was never fully measured or questioned. As servants of the National Interests, within a system of executive checks and balances, their work was, on balance, beneficial to those Interests. After the Cold War, the threat of a nuclear confrontation with the USSR receded into memory, and the Washington offices which placed limits on the agents of our operations abroad, weakened.

Sixteen years of ineffectual, incompetent, and in the case of Obama -absent – presidential leadership, the power of the post-Cold War foreign policy networks has reached its apogee becoming a backdoor to foreign influence peddling, and leaving a small cadre of the most crooked and least scrupulous to define the National Interest itself.

Their current dethronement is  painful but necessary. It has only begun, and success isn’t guaranteed. All empires follow the same trajectory, whereby its servants become its masters. Americas only immunity from this historical dead-end, comes from its unique democratic traditions, which have resulted in Donald Trump’s election. The battle for America’s destiny, has begun.





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