A conspiracy is afoot. A conspiracy to delegitimize the inauguration of president elect Donald J. Trump, and to constrain in all possible ways his executive powers once he and his team are in office.

No, this is not your mom-and-pop UFO, David Icke, CIA Mind Control internet conspiracy. It is a genuine effort, coordinated by real life individuals, men and women in the has-been DNC, the decrepit old GOP, the flunky White House and its entire staff of outgoing mediocrities along with the heads of America’s biggest media corporations — editors, journalists, and pundits who control what the majority of Americans consume as news, information, and fact – in tow.

Do-gooder fanatic socialites, high-brow boffins, whose portions of arugula and oca make them the arbiters of all that is good and bad for the pedestrians who surround them. Gender neutral political crusaders that have are resolving their sexual problems by taking up a Jihad against what they deem the reincarnation of Mussolini- the new IL Duce – Donald Trump. A characterization which in and of itself calls for a visit to the nut-house, but which has been actively encouraged from the earliest moments of the Republican Primary, by the same gang of elitist frustrates who saw in Trump’s common-sensical policies the biggest threat to their status as overlords of the American masses, since Andrew Jackson swam in the Potomac.

Motivated by their socially insular view of themselves as the carriers of civilization, good manners, and proper oral hygiene, these hyperventilating nut-jobs who deserve subsidized mental care are convinced in the righteousness of their “undertaking” believing that they are saving America, and the world, from the Anti-Christ or some other manifestation of ultimate evil, and while there is nothing new to fighting one’s political opponents their efforts are crossing all sensible lines and are destroying the state as an institution of the government, before our very own eyes.

Besides a maniacal fear of borders, law, order, and shortages of kale, there is no malice in their Anti-Trump crusade. They are as self-servingly unaware of undermining the foundations of American Democracy, as they are opportunistically ignorant of how their crusade for illegal immigrants relegates millions of Mexicans laborers to slave wages. Oh they enjoy those cheap organic heirloom tomatoes as long as the price doesn’t have to include the health insurance and electricity bills of the Pedros and Juans illegally paid a dollar an hour to pick them.

No, it’s not ill-will or mean-spiritedness which drives the kooks who are out for Trump’s blood, it’s really nothing more than the result of growing up too priviledged. Growing up with self-serving pandering and social signalling to less privileged peers, spoiled by generations of old fashioned Protestant moralizing and Haskallah Judaism bundled with legacy entrances to the Ivy Leagues once they’ve graduated from Horace Mann, the one percent who run America believe they are destroying in one fell swoop the out-dated electoral college, global warming, and social inequality by investing all their energies into assuring that the fantasy of a Trump assassination, resignation or abdication become a reality. They’re ready to burn the White House if it means preventing Trump from setting foot in it, and their coordinated efforts at frying the levers of power before Trump can get at them, is equivalent. Their coordinated campaign against the American people via 24/7 brainwashing amounts to endless incitement and hate-speech with the concomitant violence these beget. Their attacks on the Department of Justice, reducing its priorities to personal politics, buttress lawlessness, and disorder. Their poisoning of the intelligence pipeline within the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA, is blinding the country to relevant threats and plunging the entire world into chaos as America finds itself incapable of telling heads from tails. Al-Qaeda and International Islamism are our new allies while our top spies can’t tell gossip from fact.

Great news for anarchists, perhaps, but once a state has lost its capacity to perform the essential functions for which it was created, all the services and goods it supplies to the public commons are drastically reduced with very few enjoying the proverbial “market alternatives” of which economists are want of boasting. Too many government prerogatives are not-fungible and there are no market alternatives, if ever a term such as “markets” were to be taken as seriously as only dogmatists do when applied to essential questions of security, culture, hopes, beliefs, and expectations.

Societies can, and will carry on even as the state withers away, but this withering will impose immediate costs on everyone, and eventually catch up with those who in the name of opposing Trump destroyed it,  to see what’s coming. They will have -including the perennially high on weed anarchists rif-raf – no one to protect them when the lawlessness they’ve engendered knocks on their doors.

Giving the Devil the benefit of the Law, is the hallmark of the only civilization which managed to drag man out of the perpetual hunger, famine, and diseases he had hitherto known. American Exceptionalism is the exceptionalism of the the only fully functional democracy after a two thousand year hiatus since its inception in Greece. Destroy the institutions created by our democratic Constitution, and you destroy America and the hope of freedom in the world as we know it.

No matter what one’s gripes with Trump may be, the coordination between the media, government, and “intelligence” agencies evidenced by a cooked dossier deliberately spread to blacken and slander the reputation of the president-elect, leaves no room to believe that the NSA, FBI, and CIA are capable of professional, and trustworthy conduct. Incapable of serving the public, national, or state interest, these are no longer expert organizations protecting Americans from threats, but tools of insular elites indistinct from their namesakes in totalitarian regimes. This rapid and precipitous decline in the credibility of the cognitive flesh and bones of our government, will have repercussions which far transcend any superficial question of mere “public perception” and “public trust” suggested by the word “credibility.”

Once the institutional practice of information gathering succumbs to personal, relativist, and vindictive agendas, the ears of state are rendered deaf and the state’s ability to act in the interest of itself, its constituents, and allied parties, is obviated. A blind, and deaf country will increasingly resemble the deranged elites which run it. A stumbling fool and drunkard will swagger over the planet, crushing and breaking all that it bumps into or nudges; an America which shall bring arbitrary fire and  brimstone to the world, and burden and shame to its citizens. This is the world into which deranged do-gooders are precipitating the country. In the name of preventing one part of evil, they will plunge the world into an an abysmal and infinite one.

Do these high-flying but mentally limited moral crusaders take stock of the deleterious consequences of their actions? Even in third-world dictatorships self-infatuated autocrats rarely interfered with the police and intelligence professions, relying as they do on them, for stability and fashioning the very sinews of power necessary for an autocracy. Are the paragons of moral brilliance within our 1% serious about confronting country after country, fashioning enemy after enemy, not only oblivious to the counter-reactions this engenders, but with a deformed intelligence service not worth the “intelligence” in its multiple-titles they are only increasing the chances for global conflict? Are they spoiling for a genuine nuclear war, or is it that some amongst them, the more clever and cunning ones, are deliberately hyping up an imagined threat in a game of chicken intended to attain objectives by frightening their opponents?

Whatever their intentions may be, the method is ignoble, short-sighted, and carries more risk than benefit. Whether one seeks a real conflict or not, it inevitably results from precisely the kind of “game of chicken” brinkmanship in which these parties engage. Having blinded and rendered deaf the eyes and ears of America, decision makers are already incapable of judging the intentions and capacities of opponents. They are misinformed about events and are ill-informed of the consequences of their own actions.

“Retaliation” is a noble response when one is attacked. When used as a fig-leaf to justify aggression, it is self-defeating and humiliating. We are not at a point, when Russia, or anyone else, attacked America. It is as plain as day, that no one, has attacked the country in any military manner, other than International Jihadis via terrorist acts on our soil.  To claim otherwise in contorted language and pretentious insinuation,  while knowing the exact opposite to be true, as all those who actually do their jobs in the intelligence community do, is to set the country up for defeat and failure.

For those in denial about International Jihadists whose attacks are numerous and take place on a weekly basis – it is not the Girl Scouts of America with which they associate. Debilitating the country by politicizing the intelligence community will only increase the number of attacks and by confusing the population further render it incapable of self-defense. Good intelligence is at the root of an informed citizenry, and destroying the ability to gather intelligence, results in rising media disinformation, and a citizenry which disengages with its civic duties.

This is not the historical moment to encourage such trends, which can reach critical proportions far quicker than the anti-Trumpists comprehend. Plunging America into chaos is a guaranteed way to opening the gates of hell for the entire planet.

No matter what one’s intentions, proper conduct is the only guarantee of achieving honest and ethically sound objectives. An elite conspiracy against the state and its organs, in the name of stopping Trump, amounts to breaking all the rules so as to rob even the Devil of the benefit of the Law.

We know the results from history. The genocides, wars, and suffering which ensue when the “well intentioned” become single-mindedly/lessly dedicated to the divine cause of defeating their “evil” enemies:

Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you — where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast — man’s laws, not G-d’s — and if you cut them down — and you’re just the man to do it — d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake. [source]


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