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15 years after lies about Iraq’s WMDs ensnared America in a foreign policy calamity whose weekly terrorist blowback render Vietnam a cakewalk (albeit towards defeat), our country is in the grips of another WMD scare whose desperation and hysteria dwarf that of 2002 by an order of magnitude.

In 2002, Liars in the Republican White House linked Saddam Hussein’s known hatred of America to an implicit responsibility on his part, for the attacks of 9/11. In 2017, a related gang of Liars in a Democratic White House are pulling out all the stops to cripple president-elect Donald J. Trump, by presenting his victory as the fruit of Vladimir Putin’s machinations.

The same Liars, the same WMDs, the same deception, the same intention, the same target audience. Just as there were no chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons in Iraq in 2002, so there are no actual WMDs where Russia’s “hacking” of the 2016 election is concerned. In both instances the only real WMDs are the Weapons of Mass Deception wielded by editors in American mainstream media aimed at keeping the electorate dumb and pliable so that every wish and caprice of our turncoat elites can be made to come true with no regard for the average man or woman in the street.

CNN, BBC, FoxNews, the New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Economist are not imagined or second rate WMDs. Unlike their non-existent Iraqi equivalents they cannot take out a mere ten thousand civilians at a time, or like their minuscule Russian counterparts, they do not reach a small niche audience of skeptics who sit and watch one Kremlin sponsored online television channel or read one website named after the first man-made satellite launched into orbit (Sputnik).

The very real WMDs of American and British mainstream media can strike the entire planet from all directions simultaneously, and hold in thrall America’s population of 200 million adult viewers, along with those of Japan, the UK, France, Germany, China, South Africa, Brazil, and indeed Russia combined – now, tomorrow, and across three generations!

No atomic bomb, nor anthrax, can hope to compare to the global omnipotence of Anglo-American WMDs. Their power is such, that once targeted by them, only the most critical consumer of alternative reporting manages to avoid zombification, at the price of being reduced to a numerically insignificant minority in a sea of dupes. All of us, when targeted by WMDs, will succumb to their suasion, at least in part, in some way shape or form.

Media WMDs work. They work here, abroad, and every country has its own configuration of a mainstream media, except that Anglo-American WMDs have a global capacity to override all these national configurations combined.

And override they do. Inventing unsubstantiated ties between Trump and Vladimir Putin, Anglo-American WMDs have become a straight-jacket for common-sense Americans and a dead-weight for everyone else in the world exposed to their drivel. The sheer level of imbecility and journalistic ill-will will be studied by generations of researchers to come. The practically-minded common man, either a Trump enthusiast or agnostics, sees through the Putin charade instinctively, but his “educated” peers doubly partial to the conformism of the hype and fads cooked up by the mainstream media, have been duped so thoroughly that one wonders if certain social science departments amount to little more than four years of Maoist indoctrination.

The WMDs are badgering the minds and hearts of Americans not because some foreign tyrant is bent on destroying our land, but because the honest daily labor of many a citizen renders us weary of supporting the interventionism systematically sought by a tiny policy elite at costs to our livelihoods and security. Knowing that the career success of a few Liars is paved with the blood of the average Steve, Kate, and John, the common man is well served in his weariness of “going abroad in search of monster’s to destroy.” Having christened America a “Global Hegemon” a tiny Washington foreign policy elite can’t stomach the roadblocks the American wage-earner puts-up to the idea that America must serve the world first, and America second. The delusional ambitions of a small cadre for more power and influence means they must be in charge of the narrative, of the story, so as to make decisions on America’s behalf, without ever having to carry any portion of the costs nor bear the consequences that everyone else has to bear when the Johns and Judys are lying dead in Iraq, Lybia, Syria, or slaving away under mountains of debt to pay for the second rate food and housing the market has on offer as a result of money being siphoned off for failed projects abroad.

Donald Trump’s victory threatens to upset the habits of these armchair autocrats, and these poombahs’ only remaining chance is to viciously target the minds of Americans with their WMDs in a last-ditch effort to destroy Trump and both those who voted for him, but even more importantly, those who are ready to accept him and give him the benefit of the doubt as President of the United States.

The same unscrupulous methods used to entrap America in the cesspools of the middle east, are currently being deployed to brainwash us into burning down our own houses by incapacitating not only the president-elect, but any hope we ever had of reforming the system to our advantage.

In 2002, the critical reception of claims about Iraqi WMDs was disorganized fragmented, and lacked organized resistance. In 2017 the tables have turned, and opposition can be spearheaded by the candidate of 65 million Americas who secured the state-level popular vote necessary to assure his electoral triumph in the 2016 Presidential election. Today, as in 2002, the mainstream media is attacking ordinary Americans so as to submit us to an elitist agenda not in our own interest, but unlike fifteen years ago, the critical reception of the latest WMD claims can be opposed by an actual leader with force and character, and the popular backing of millions.

Provided Trump has the resolve and tenacity to speak up for his voters, and the vast majority of Americans contemptuous of the mainstream media, he can deal a massive blow to both the unchecked power of America’s WMDs, and implement decisive political reforms that will prosecute those who in the past have deployed these WMDs against the American people. The power of these few individuals has become a menace to the well-being of the nation, and this power must be taken away by revisiting the past, and prosecuting them for having bled the country dry with the original 2002 lies which set the nation on its present catastrophic course, with the ubiquity of terrorism, erosion of the rule of law, and curtailment of our liberties.

Following the attacks of September 11th, America’s resulting grief and anger was channeled by this cadre of establishment bureaucrats and their media collaborators into pushing our country to invade Iraq, an Iraq which presented no immediate threat or danger to us or our allies, and had zero connections with either the attack on the Twin Towers or the Pentagon attack. For months, this cadre of Liars assured that the pain and tragedy of 9/11 was intentionally and methodically assimilated in the 24/7 media-cycle to a caricatured Saddam Hussein, without anyone anywhere bothering to present the flimsiest of evidence of ties between the dictator, and those who had carried out the 9/11 attacks.

This guilt-by-association, orchestrated from the highest levels of American society, was deliberate, and it was efficient. America went to war. It went to war on a lie and it remains at war at a tremendous financial cost to the American people and massive political loss for our global strategic interests, with resulting losses for global governance and a decline in the quality of life of all the world’s denizens.

On the premise of a deliberate lie, we invaded a country where life was a bad dream, freedoms limited, and one man pulled the levers of power. Our incompetence and short-nearsightedness transformed this bad dream into an infernal nightmare, from which instability, hatred, and barbarism is spreading like the bubonic plague, with no end in sight.

The millions of lives destroyed and the dreams that will never be dreamt fall at the feet of a single lie, obsessively propounded by our WMDs on the orders of their owners and editors who were carrying out the bidding of a few Washington insiders. One lie that got the ball rolling on the daily terrorists acts everyone is now subject to globally. Responsible for the torturous privations of those ruled by ISIS , and for the the Clash of Civilization pitting refugee against natives, as one state’s failure becomes anther’s human tidal-wave reinforcing a run-away cycle of jihadism vs. nativism. A zero sum game, with only one resolution in sight: governance.

America went to war on the basis of a lie, and along with the financial and human costs of this lie, is the legacy of a disenfranchised American nation and American people whose increased moral and emotional struggles during these last 15 years are the direct result of our failure to prosecute the liars and warmongers who sold us on Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. By not holding these Liars accountable for their baneful manipulations, we have rendered ourselves infinitely more vulnerable to even more invidious and dastardly disinformation campaigns, and we’ve entrenched this vile elite in its ability to exploit our energies and lives for whatever irrational and cockamamie purpose they deem fit with their rhetorical lip-service to our “National”interest. A vile clique which on a weekly basis avows with utter impunity that British, French, Israeli, and Russian intelligence agreed with their WMD Iraq assessment, amounting to no more than a “mistake” on their part. Using this argument as a permanent “get out of jail” presumes the media play tone-deaf to rudimentary fact-checking of patently mendacious claims.

Simple fact-checks of which fight-grade students are capable, bear witness that Russia never backed any WMD claims made in Washington or London. France specifically disproved claims about uranium from Nigeria and its president vituperated against the dubiousness of Anglo-American claims. Recent inquiries in the UK evidenced that the WMD story was a complete by Iraqi expats. No official assessments from Israel have ever been presented to the public. What remains after these facts are checked, are the names of Ahmed Chalabi, Curveball, Valerie Plame, and David Kelley. The first was a notorious charlatans. The second a “convenient source,” i.e. the charlatan’s plant.

Mrs. Plame and countless of her colleagues, some of them US intelligence agents involved with enforcing the Iraq sanctions regime were sacrificed by the Bush administration in a single broadcast sentence by a single journalist (Bob Novak). The intelligence assessment of the costs of this betrayal found that several lives were lost and operations destroyed, but no one in the media bothered to raise the hell they raise when a similar intelligence evaluation of another leak, that of Wikileaks, finds no collateral damage but nevertheless it is Julian Assange, an Australian national, upon American orders, rotting away in an Ecuadorian embassy located in London UK while Bob Novak dies a graceful death as befits a well-heeled apparatchik, in 2009.

It is a tragedy, that countless of the swindlers who sacrificed American men and women so that ISIS could rise upon their graves, are now partying wildly in Obama’s White House, the DNC, in remnants of the GOP, and the boardrooms of America’s media mandarins dropping WMD bomb after bomb on the American people about Trump’s Golden Showers, sex-parties in Russia, and bromance with Evil Incarnate, Vladimir Putin.

Knowing how systematically short-sighted and myopic these lying psychopaths are, what is the objective of this carpet bombing of America with sophomoric drivel about Putin and Trump? Is it premised on the pathetic hope that Trump will somehow not be inaugurated, or that if he manages to make it through his inauguration, he will find himself hamstrung by a thoroughly brainwashed American population provided the WMD onslaught can be maintained long-enough?

One way to assure such potential ambitions fail, is to bring to bear the Department of Justice on those who perpetrated the first WMD hoax. To finally subject to prosecution, with the intent to incarcerate, the criminal Liars responsible for two of the greatest betrayals of the American national interest of the last two decades: the intelligence failure to prevent 9/11, and of conspiring, and carrying out a conspiracy to manipulate the country into invading Iraq. Let’s hope this is what the Jeff Sessions appointment is all about.

Bureaucrats and media editors who see the mass of the American people as a mere means to a career, are by definition operating in their own, and not the country’s, interest. They carry themselves as traitors when lying to the American people from positions of responsibility knowing the consequences such lies have on the lives of those not party to the decisions which these lies oblige the country to make. Other than a general tendency to vilify and belittle large segments of the American population, neither ignorance nor negligence can fully explain their penchant for betrayal.

For the information savvy, the orchestrated nature of the disinformation campaign of 2017 is more patent than when Colin Powell and Tony Blair teamed up to hoodwink America into giving up American lives in a futile Iraq war. Back then, the BBC and Fox sang in unison about uranium, about missiles, about anthrax, while evaluations by international weapon experts were ignored or in the case of David Kelley, cost them their lives.

The recently declassified 28-pages of the 9/11 Congressional Committee Report turns out to be prima facie evidence of the deliberate and manipulative nature of the WMD claims made against Iraq by Washington insiders. According to the Report and the 28-pages there was only one country which provided any tangible state support to the Al-Qaeda hijackers once they found themselves on American soil. It was neither Iraq, Iran, Syria, nor Libya.

It was our “ally” Saudi Arabia.

Those who formulated and promulgated the lie of Iraqi WMDs, knew this even before the 28-pages were stitched together by overworked congressional interns. These Liars tried hard to keep Saudi Arabia off the radar, but found stiff opposition from aids honestly performing their research duties. As crooks are want of doing, the Liars countered with secrecy, and mentions of Saudi links with the 9/11 hijackers became classified. Time was on the side of the Crooks, provided the logic of this classification was never voiced too loudly once secrecy could no longer be maintained. The struggle for the very writing of these 28 pages is a story in and of itself. A story which the American Mainstream Media, has no vested interest in revisiting or pursuing, because it would have to explain why those who knew, better than everyone else, about Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11, steered us to war with Iraq. The burden of such knowledge points to a blatant criminal conspiracy, and our WMDs are having none of it.

There had always been a reason why neither George Bush nor Tony Blair ever crossed the line of publicly and officially charging Saddam Hussein with being in cahoots with Bin Laden, even in an informal manner. Guilt-by-association was a strategy for avoiding criminal conspiracy charges, just in case any back-stabbing were to take place. The Liars protecting Saudi Arabia, were not protecting it out of any sympathy for a dessert kingdom ruled by a privileged medieval aristocracy, but maintaining classified the strategic nature of a brutal disinformation campaign which involved individuals in the highest levels of the American, British, and several “accomplice” governments.

This involvement made the WMD disinformation campaign a strategic undertaking, resulting in both a careful legal dimension, and professional messaging relying on organized networks of retired military generals, the Tony Blair cabinet, and various groups associated with or boasting previous associations with British and American intelligence.

The facts make this self-evident to all but those who wish not to see it.

Days from the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, many of the same individuals who lied to the country about Iraqi WMDs, are doing their best to whip up nation-wide hysteria about Putin hacking our elections. Their game-plan is to eviscerate Donald J. Trump as a person and individual, and to leave in his place a hollow character whose sincerity, judgment, and integrity, no one trusts.

If Trump cannot be taken-out as President, then take out the Presidency from under Trump. The levers of power and chain of command will be second-guessed by underlings, few taking seriously their Commander in Chief. Destroy the authority of the Executive branch of government, so that the incoming incumbent will be stuck holding nothing but branches instead of levers.

For the man who dictated the Art of the Deal to a ghostwriter, there is no deal being offered to him. The message is either drop dead or drop all your policies and voters, both perfectly equivalent to being a President in name only. The WMD liars are doubtlessly too hysterical to realize, that leaving someone no choices, means pushing their back against the wall. By overplaying their hands, they risk having their hands cut off. An eventuality which could have been avoided, had they taken it a little easier. The impression is that World War III is about to break up, but there is only so much war people can take, before they take care of the warmongers.

There is a palatable degree of psychopathy detectable in the Liars hysteria and desperation. The psychopathic ability to tell fibs with a straight-face as millions suffer, die, or see their futures snatched from them. Fibbing not about stolen candies or missing word documents, but about missing lives, missing people, missing dreams. Lying not about the inconsequential and picayune, but about the biggest and most cherished. It’s a type of institutionalized confabulation made possible by the threat of nuking everyone elses’ truths, because one happens to have the biggest WMDs around.

The media are now flogging the entire nation, for its failure to submit to the last man, in our hearts and minds to the Trump is a Nazi meme. Having spent billions of dollars and having spewed astronomical amounts of vitriol against the president-elect, and anyone even partially partial to his candidacy, the policy psychopaths cannot come to grips with those who resisted their WMD onslaught and tipped the scales in Trump’s favor electorally. The country must be punished!

As the Liars sense that their WMD’s have run out of power, they fear for their livelihoods. They decide to play it stupid, and play tough, instead of being smart, and modest. Their paranoia leads to self-fulfilling prophecy of demise. As they lash out, the country takes note.

America is a nation which elects its president via a popular vote, at the state, not national, level. The winner-take-all of the resulting electors, is no different than the winner-take all in national systems across the planet. It isn’t a system any single man can dominate, and Trump’s victory was the result of the unprecedented mobilization of Americans in direct opposition to the Liars and WMDs with which we were being bombarded. If the Liars weren’t such paranoid psychopaths, they could have sat back and let the election work itself out. Had they refrained from using the WMDs, Americans would have had a lot less to gripe about, and the WMDs would not have lost their efficacy, and the Liars their jobs.

Judging by their hysteria, the scum which swindled us into the Iraq war, have a personal reason for fearing a Russian-American rapprochement. The Putin-did-it meme suggests that the careers of these warmongers are over if America and Russia decide to suddenly get along. Increased peace and improved governance throughout the world puts them out of a job. The power of the lying psychopaths is directly proportional to the bile, spite, and hatred, which they can insert into Americas relations with Russia. They are the mirror-image of the enemies they have created and destroyed the world-over. They are, the WMDs in our midst, and their time, has finally come.


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